Building Community -Andrew & Helen Fellows

Building subversive communities within the modern world

D3-NAVs Student Conference, Crikvenica, April 29-30, 2016 

Following up on a D3 conference in 2012, Andrew Fellows, former director of England's L'Abri, and his wife Helen came to Croatia to share their experience of living with their four children in a study community for over two decades (1995-2015).

Topics that were addressed during the meeting included the definition of community, the meaning of our memberships in a variety of chosen and 'given' communities (such as family, nation, church, partnerships, professional groups etc.), the difference between relating to others in an I-It and I-Thou pattern, and the possibility of creating subversive communities in the context of modernity. Discussions also included concrete presentations by participants striving to create subversive communities in their respective contexts (e.g. schools, study groups, study communities with students and young professionals). The two days concluded with a more personal Q&A session with Andrew and Helen, during which they shared more details about their daily lives, challenges and memorable experiences while building relationships with hundreds of people in the context of L'Abri. 

Recording of the lectures are available below:

  1. What is community? The centre of community. 
  2. Basic ingredients of community. Relating to the Other as a human person: The I-You relationship (Buber)
  3. Real community subverting modernity
  4. Link between community and hospitality
  5. How to deal with the problem of transference and power abuse
  6. Story of the L’Abri Community